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Integrating the Arts

As part of the Fine Arts Signature Program at Bray, we strive to integrate Music and Arts into the core curriculum in any way we can.  One such opportunity came to Mrs. Pratt's Kindergarten class who were learning all about Butterflies!
Mrs. Mosley, the music instructor, came to visit their class to correlate their learning objectives about butterflies with objectives they have previously learned in music class.  They first discussed the word Butterflies.  Cameron, a very clever Kindergartener, pointed out it was a compound word, but that we don't eat BUTTERflies like we would real BUTTER.  The whole class let out a collective, "ewwwww!"  Mrs. Mosley also taught the plural and singular forms of the words butterflies and butterfly.
The students then described how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.  Mrs. Pratt did a great job teaching them about the process, and they told Mrs. Mosley everything from beginning to end.  Then they learned and sang and dramatized a song about catching a caterpillar and watching it turn into a butterfly.  
Next, Mrs. Mosley displayed butterfly artwork from famous artists such as Salvador Dali.  The students identified all the different colors of the butterflies.  One painting by Lilly Greenwood had lots of butterflies in it, and the students took turns predicting how many butterflies were in the painting.  
Mrs. Mosley then played a video of butterflies moving to classical music.  The students pointed out all on their own, how the butterfly movements matched the tempo and style of the music.  One student noticed that when the music moved faster, the butterflies wings moved faster, too!  The class then received different colored scarves, the same colors in the wings of the butterflies, and artistically interpreted butterfly movements with the classical music.  Mrs. Mosley was impressed with their listening skills...they changed their style and tempo when the music changed tempo.  Those beautiful wings were just flapping away!  Students wrapped up class with a fun dance video called "Butterfly Wings" where they were able to jump and dance to a fast and fun play song.
Integrating the arts into the core curriculum provides a whole child educational experience that involves movement, creativity, and higher level thinking skills in order to solve problems and explore objectives.  It also facilitates the social and emotional development of each child by nurturing an environment of teamwork, creative expression, and artistry.  We are excited and committed to facilitate higher level learning at Bray in all academic areas by integrating the arts wherever and whenever we can.  
Thank you Mrs. Pratt's Class for a wonderful lesson!