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Pumpkins, Books, and Art!

Both first grade classes completed a "Pumpkin Book Report" as part of First Grade Reading Standards.  They were asked to describe the characters in the story and give details.  They were expected to put the story in sequential order.  Some of the student shared what they learned:
Kamdyn...I learned that pumpkins can be very heavy and sometimes when you drop them they don't bust open.
Clark...I learned that reading is very important.
Jaiden...I learned that writing is very helpful and we need to learn how to write so we can do our work ourselves.
Kinslee...I learned that when your parents are out, you should not let anyone in your house. (Cat in the Hat)
Kayden...I learned we need to know how to read and know our pumpkin's name.
London...I learned that you need to hold your pumpkin with two hands because if you drop the pumpkin, it could make a big mess.
Jayda...I learned that Cinderella is a beautiful princess and lives in a faraway princess and a prince rescued her.
Paytin...I learned that some princesses can be mean but then they turn nice.
To top off the project, students decorated pumpkins as a character from their Book Report Project.  This was another wonderful way that we integrate the fine arts into our core curriculum, and tap into creativity of our students.  Way to go first grade!