Bray Elementary

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Tell Your Story Charms

CHISD has adopted the theme of, "Tell Your Story,"this year and at Bray we couldn't think of a better way to have our students tell their story than by proudly displaying accomplishments for all to see.  We are introducing an incentive program that will encourage children to earn charms and beads by participating in school activities and achieving excellence in academics and fine arts programs.
Students will earn charms and beads to collect on their backpacks for activities ranging from: 
*Participation in school extracurricular activities and/or clubs such as orchestra, Vocal Motion, honors art, etc.
*Attending after school activities such as open house, science night, performances, etc.
*Achieving excellence in academics, attendance, and citizenship.
*Posting pictures of school activities to our Twitter and Facebook accounts.
*Participation in school wide initiatives such as Bully Free and Drug Free, etc.
Every student is receiving a clip as an anchor to hook on their backpack.  Students can add charms and beads throughout the year.  Each charm or bead earned will add to the child's story at Bray.  Throughout the year, we will all be able to see each child's story develop and be proudly displayed on their backpacks.  It will also be a great memento to keep from their school years, so they can "tell their story" for years to come.   
Kami Kinsey