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Plummer Elementary Unveils ‘City Store’

“Who Says Kids Can’t Run a Business?”

When Plummer Elementary rolled out the red carpet welcoming students for the new school year, the campus also unveiled one of its most innovative educational projects to date – Plummer City Store.

Operating under the slogan “Who says kids can’t run a business?”, Plummer City Store is an actual retail enterprise that will be run by student members of the school’s Entrepreneur Club.

The program is designed to teach students how to run a real business through the hands-on lessons learned by developing business plans, handling money, managing inventory, catering to customers, advertising, designing products, working the store counters and more.

Items range in price from 50 cents for a small toy to $15 for a t-shirt designed by the club’s entrepreneurs. The store accepts cash only, and proceeds will be used to provide more inventory for customers and cover some expenses. Hours of operation will vary at first as club members and campus leadership work out details for the best times of operation, said Plummer Principal Sharese Nix.

Students and visitors to the campus will notice the store in an alcove on the left as they enter the school’s main entrance. It’s decorated with Cedar Hill ISD Longhorn colors – red, white and black – and the district’s interlocking “CH” logo. The store looks like the real thing, with clothing racks for the t-shirts, two glass counters and a cash register to handle receipts.

Plummer City store was formally unveiled at a ribbon-cutting ceremony a few days before schools opened for the 2016-17 year. It is an official member of the Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce, and it receives volunteer support from the Rotary Club of Cedar Hill, Texas 4-H in Dallas and the Cedar Hill ISD Education Foundation.

The Entrepreneur Club and Plummer City Store combine to provide students an innovative program under the school district’s STEAM initiative. Under STEAM (which stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics), each of the district’s campuses offers a Signature Program in addition to the comprehensive academic package provided for students.

Cedar Hill ISD leads the way in the southern Dallas region for incorporating innovation into the curricula at every grade level, in each content area and on all campuses.

At Plummer Elementary, where the Signature Program covers business and industry, students are putting into their program into practice at Plummer City Store.