Cedar Hill High School

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Tardy Policy

2016-17 Tardy Policy 

What are the consequences if a student is SWEPT?
  • 1st tardy – Written warning, phone call and email to parent (automatically happens in ECampus system)

  • 2nd tardy – Written warning, email to parent

  • 3rd tardy – Written warning,  email to parent

  • 4th tardy – Thursday or Saturday school (whichever is soonest)

  • 5th tardy- Wednesday AND Saturday school

  • 6th tardy – Parent/student conference with administration

  • 7th tardy- One (1) day of ISS

  • 8th tardy- Two (2) days of ISS

  • 9 + tardy- Three (3) days of ISS


    These tardies are not totaled PER class (Johnny has 1 warning in his 1st period, 1 warning in 3rd period, etc.). These tardies are totaled per day! Johnny can get 3 warnings in his 1st three classes in a given day and work his way up to  a 3 hour Wednesday school by 4th period on that same day.