• Our Collegiate Library/Student Union is a unique place.  It is not always quiet, as one might expect a traditional library to be...because it is more than that. We do check out books and always encourage reading. As I personally believe, "Books are food for the soul."  And we are building our collection nearly from scratch, our students effectively involving themselves through a book drive they initiated before Christmas break!  We also offer on-line resources, printing, computers, and chrome books for student use. Additionally, we are implementing a Maker Space program to support the STEAM focus of our campus. But, even beyond all those things, our space is a gathering place for students to exchange ideas, share knowledge, express their own thoughts (both deep ones and not so deep ones); a place to create and study, brainstorm and contemplate...individually or in study groups.  Our hope is that our students will feel a sense of ownership, in that it is a place for them, but also a sense of responsibility for the same reason.  As part of the collegiate experience, the Student Union is a vital component to the community, independence, and self-discipline we are attempting to develop in our scholars.

    Students may check out one book at a time for a period of two weeks and may renew it one time. 

    There is a minimal charge of five cents per page to print; we only offer black and white printing. If unable to print from in-house computers, students may email work to joann.martinez@chisd.net, designating what they want, and it will be printed for them.