Cedar Hill ISD

The Cedar Hill ISD Substitute Department provides the Longhorn Experience by ensuring that the students of Cedar Hill ISD maintain a high quality education in the absence of district personnel.  We hire highly professional, notably reliable, creditably trustworthy, and outstandingly educated individuals as CHISD Substitute Teachers.
 To qualify to be a CHISD Substitute Teacher, you must meet ONE of the following requirements:
  • 60+ Credit College Hours
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Valid Texas Teaching Certificate

CLICK HERE to apply to be a substitute teacher. 

Contact Information:
Jaclyn Holloway
(972) 291-1581 Ext. 4039
(972) 291-0584 (Fax)
jaclyn.holloway@chisd.net (Email) FASTEST RESPONSE
substitutedesk@chisd.net (2nd Email)